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  • Serenetics has teamed up SAIC to win 5 years NASA SRT contract (Feburary 2006)

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    Sept 12 | 2003
    NASA Semi-Annual Science Forum
    Serenetics is participating NASA's Semi-Annual Science Forum to be held in JPL...

    8310 South Valley Highway 3rd Floor
    Englewood, CO 80112

    Products & Services Contact:
    (303) 223-4909 (Main)
                         (303) 223-4942 (Fax)


    Serenetics is a research and engineering company founded in March 2000. Serenetics offers services and solutions for public and commercial sectors, focusing on architecture, integration and development process. Since its inception, Serenetics has been a pioneer in researching, adopting and harnessing new technologies to solve a wide spectrum of business problems.
    Our specialties includes

    宴erprise Architecture,
    㹳tem Integration (EAI, EII, SOA),
    詧h performance application architecting,
    �el-Driven development.

    In addition, we uniquely possess the following experiences,

    졠href="">Satellite Remote sensing,
    work Flow-through Provisioning.

    In addition to our technical expertise, Serenetics employs a wealth of experience in solution development and project management. Our solutions are a convergence of our time tested experience and proven expertise in working with public and private sector customers. Those solutions demonstrate our unparalleled experience in our focused industries, and our ability to leverage those experiences to bring innovative solution, cost-saving, time-tested quality, and on-time capability to your projects.

    SBA 8(a) Certification

    As an SBA 8(a) certified company, Serenetics is eligible to receive business development assistance from the SBA and other government agencies on a range of different levels. One key benefit is the opportunity for Serenetics to receive "sole-source" contracts (not exceeding $3 million for goods and services). Serenetics can also bid for "set-aside" contracts of any size in competition with other participants in the 8(a) Program. This program also allows us to form teaming arrangements with other companies, therefore allowing government agencies to streamline the process by which 8(a) contracts are awarded.

    Mission Statement

    To establish a leadership position in providing repeatable solutions based on innovative applications of science and technology.

    To deliver the best-value to our customers, employees, shareholder and partners

    㵳tomers 䯠commit to innovative solutions, cost savings, time-tested quality and on-time capability through dedication and research.
    孰loyees 䯠provide our employees opportunities for exceptional creativity, expertise development, and a team player environment.
    㨡reholders 䯠provide an exceptional return on investment
    ࡲtners 䯠provide a win/win situation for them and treat them as if they were owners

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